AI-Powered matchmaking tool. Anü connects law firms with start-ups


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Project Overview
The best legal professionals are often out of reach to many in the start-up community. This is due to an inability to understand what is needed.

Anü is an AI-Powered matchmaking tool that connects law firms to start-ups. The pairing is based on a set of  focused legal services and the start-ups needs. The pairings objective is  to facilitate growth, and provide business practicing protection. Anü's AI screens and match start-ups with high-quality professionals that are complimentary based on needs and business goals.
Anü's matchmaking process was not effectively connecting the start-up business to an appropriate firm. The user was abandoning the process during the initial sign-up phase. The plan selection, and match presentation, never resulted in the first meeting with a matched lawyer. New users and potential stakeholders had difficulties understanding ANU's services, pricing, and goals.
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Information Architecture
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Looking for select legal services without the extra fees and frills

Preparing for a financing round

Repairing an incomplete or botched incorporation

Transforming your side business into your main source of income

Giving a new business a shot

Working to catch legal issues before they arise

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Design Approach
We excel in understanding the user needs, mapping design solutions, and validating the designs by conducting usability tests with integrated feedback.
Define the challenge & explore the human context
Research, observe, to create a point of view
Brainstorm ideas
good & bad
Learn from prototypes to spark new ideas
Reveal insights that
redefine the problem
Interviews: We identified our client's problems. We interviewed their current customers. We interviewed four perspective clients. Our interview process consisted of an observation period of the businesses day to day activities, and direct questions about needs. Our objective was to capture business choke points and customer satisfaction. We analyzed the overall experience, and assigned user experience solutions where appropriate.

Observational Interview:  We observed how prospective clients navigated the site. We instructed users to vocalize how they felt, their difficulties and overall user experience while actively navigating the site. We analyzed the verbal feed back and identified the major user issues.

One-on-one interviews:  Using the observation feedback, to prepare questions we conducted the one on one interviews.  This process was instrumental in identifying the users issues and pain points when utilizing the Anü customer interface site.

We identified the following pain points:
-The purpose of the service was not clear in the sites initial presentation
-Users had difficulty choosing a service, thus neutralizing the  the matchmaking quality of the site.
-Users had difficulty navigating through the sites design
-Users came to the site with an idea of what they needed through online research, and wanted to force correct the matchmaking process
-Users needed a clear understanding of how the service would benefit them.
-Users did not find the site visually stimulating, creating negative attraction to the site.

We created the following personas based on the data gathered in our interviews, they will seek ANU's services exclusively online. Our main objective is to redesign Anü's website.
The design should be at the intersection of the user and business goals. The activities carried out above helped us determine user needs. The interview with the client allowed us to outline their business goals. Defining business goals, and user needs guided our design decisions.

Problem Statement
How can we redesign the businesses website to facilitate users understanding the product, completing the initial process and retaining the legal services they are matched with.


In our brainstorming session, we were able to pinpoint the strengths and identify where we will need improvements. Our team conducted an informed brainstorming session based on the information we collected from user research and interviews. Each member  came up with a variety of design solutions individually. We shared all ideas and together formed several new ones.

We outlined the main goals.
-Detailed and visually stimulating Interactive Content
-Interactive matchmaking form with clear selection
-New Site Design
Information Architecture
We created a structural design of the website to organize and define the flow. Defining the information architecture, allowed us to identify the root of our users’ concerns from a users perspective. We placed information where it could be easily identified and effectively navigated.
We created the following wireframes. Outlining our design ideas. The wireframes allowed us to apply the information derived from the Information Architecture.
View Original Site Design
We designed the user interface and created an interactive prototype using Figma.
To evaluate the new user flow, we conducted verbal user interview sessions with the client. The client found the interactive feature eye-catching, they thought the design added value to the service while educating the user.

The matchmaking screens led our users through a linear process to define and narrow down their legal choices.. They found the new flow, straightforward, intuitive, and easy to follow.
Final Design
Design Iteration

We gathered results from the clients verbal walkthrough and feedback sessions, implemented the design changes, and developed the final design in Webflow.


Our team was able to achieve a full site redesign that the client and users enjoyed. We created an interactive experience for new users to learn about Anü as a company and services they provide . The site's current design is only the first round of improvements and will continue to go through changes, as the needs of their clients change.
The new website has recently launched, Check out the site here.
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