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Obstetrics meet Cosmetic Surgery answering medical needs and personal desires.


UX/UI Design, UX Research
Project Overview
Innovative Women’s HealthCare Solutions was founded in 2012 by Dr. Miller-Thrasher. The practice offers Gynecology, Obstetrics, Advanced Reproductive Care, Screening, and Diagnostic mammograms. Dr. Miller-Thrasher completed her clinical fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery and will add general cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures to the practice.
The Innovative site requires a fresh new look. Improvements to sites visual appeal, layout and booking process. Reduce web-related complaints. Integrate new cosmetic and aesthetic services and information with existing healthcare solution information.
UX Tools
Adobe XD
Site Redesign
Project Manager
UX Practices
Brand Research
Current State-
Usability Testing
High-Fi Wireframe
Cognitive Walkthrough
Patient centered. Patient driven. Patient empowered.
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Current State Analytics
I obtained the Innovative sites analysis of patient information during office visits. This allowed me to gain insight of experiences of current site users. I conducted an analysis of the results and listed sight users experiences.
Field Visit
The  site has been updated without input from a UX professional.  I meet with Dr. Miller-Thrasher and her team. I separated and defined each team member by their current roles, within the businesses daily operations and their patent interactions. I observed each team member and their interactions with patients on site. My non exposure to the site, allowed me to present fresh new ideas and solutions.

Each team member explored the Innovative site with me and demonstrated areas, that were problematic. Through this process we identified usability issues, and patient concerns. The real time concerns would be instrumental in mediation of issues, design and layout of the site .
Based on staff interviews I narrowed the scope of required changes.
-Full Practice Information & Services Organization
-Cosmetic & Aesthetic Procedures Easily Identified
-Increase Site Conversion Rate
-Attract Younger Market through design
-Maintain Familiar Brand Image
-Search Engine Optimization

The following personas are based on the data gathered in the interviews and surveys. I focused on redesigning innovative website. I created two personas, one a current patient looking to book online, and the second a new cosmetic candidate searching online and making an office visit for information.
Journey Mapping
Interviewing existing users with a verity of technical skills and familiarity with the innovative site and current staff. I learned the best practices in the healthcare community that new patients might not be aware of.


To organize and encourage creative thinking, I sketched out the design ideas before creating the wireframe. I presented ideas based on feature prioritizing and solution based changes gleemed from user needs and expectations.
Concept 1
Based on the research and recommendations, this concept allows users to navigate between the two practices. This concept separated multiple calls for action for several existing patients and new Med Spa clients. Concept one included a clear list of services with details.

Wire Frame
I created the following wireframes illustrating the basic functionalities of the final design. The emphasis at this stage is functionality not visual design. The focus is meeting the user needs before refining the interface.

Interact With Wireframe Here
(Concept 1) Compelted the process of elimination of ideas, and I was ask to make immediate changes to the current site to resolve immediate issues and gradually implement major changes. The client was fearful that existing users would be unaware of the dramatic changes to the central menu organization, resources, and overall flow of the site, and would be unable to navigate.

Based on the above feedback, the following design changes were implemented in web design.
-First glance contact information
-Call to action to service immediate booking needs & existing OB clientele 
-Indication of practice changes are in progress
-Additional call to action to service immediate booking needs
-Detailed sub-menu on landing page to clearly identity all services offered 
-Mini Introduction for new users
-Constant call to action header displayed on every page
-Service page listing in depth procedures  based on category selected
-Booking Inquiry dropdown menu to organize input based on service selected 
-General contact form for addition questions or concerns 
-Detailed bio with interactive timeline of practice history


Cognitive Walkthrough
I evaluated the user flow of the site post immediate changes. I constructed a cognitive walk through with potential users to correct any usability issues that will prevent site from being fully functional.​

During each step, corrections were made based on the below list of questions, and user responses.

Is this what you expected to see?
Are you making progress towards your goal?
What would your next action be?
What do you expect to see next?
The  site in its current configuration is the first round of improvements. The site will be updated through several iterations allowing users to become familiar with changes as to not interrupt services. The updates will continue until all updates and services are integrated.
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